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When people began to take notice of Orphan Black it was because of star Tatiana Maslany, and deservedly so. Maslany’s incredibly nuanced portrayal of at least four different characters per episode is unparalleled for a television drama. She imbues each character with such distinct personalities, gestures, walks, and vulnerabilities that it would be easier to believe the BBC had actually found an incredibly talented set of quadruplet actresses. The show would collapse on itself without such a strong central performance. Worse, it would look like a gimmick. As with every show, Orphan Black’s ambitions can be only as good as the talent bringing them to life. But Maslany’s tour de force isn’t the only reason Orphan Black is so exciting. In fact, the most revolutionary aspect of the series fell into place long before Maslany was attached, and it deserves recognition. …

Wszyscy chyba słyszeliśmy o kontrowersjach wokół premiery ekranizacji Gry Endera. Wiele środowisk nawołuje do bojkotu filmu ze względu na antygejowskie wypowiedzi Orsona Scotta Carda. Oto jeden z najrozsądniejszych głosów w tej sprawie, autorstwa K. W. Jetera:

Whatever else results from the controversy about the soon-to-be-released ENDER’S GAME movie, and the boycott triggered by the anti-gay marriage stance of the original book’s author Orson Scott Card, there will probably be one unfortunate result for genre fiction and film enthusiasts:

It was already unlikely enough for a major, expensive film to be made from a living genre author’s book, other than best-selling “phenomenon” titles such as the Harry Potter books or THE HUNGER GAMES. If the ENDER’S GAME movie flops badly — and there’s a good chance it will — and that box-office disaster is in any way seen to be a result of the boycott against it, then it’s going to become even moreunlikely for a major film to be based on a book by a living genre author.

Why? Because there will be scenes around studio conference tables like this:

Junior execThis is a great book, boss, with enormous cinematic potential. We should make a movie out of it!

Senior execThe writer’s still alive? She is? What kind of baggage does she have? We don’t want a repeat of that Orson Scott Card kerfluffle. …

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